Repainted Dolls
Mystical Dolls & Dreams
Fun, Friendly & Supportive Doll Group

Fashion Doll Makeovers
A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips

Designers of Lil Folks
Kelly Makeover Group

Picket Fence
Licensed dealer of Jakks Pacific Dolls

Empyrean Beads
Fabulous selection of beads

Bead 501
More wonderful beads

Nobuko Sakayori
Extraordinary Repaints & Designs

Selo J Designs
Ooak Repaints by Jon Copeland

Allegro Blue Brazilian Fashion Doll Designs
Ooak Dolls & Repaints by Patricia Lye Heguchi

Laurie Leigh's Beautiful Faces
Hauntingly Beautiful Repaints!

Unmasked Faces by Noel Cruz
Simply Amazing Repaints

One & Only Dolls
Doll Art by Renee Coughlan

Juan Albuerne's Movie Stars
Fantastic Celebrity Makeovers!

Fire Bird Arts
Selection of mini swords & musical instruments

Mini Dolls
Collection of mini trims, findings & supplies

Hair Rooting Tool for Dolls
The best Pro Hair Rooting Tool with Instructions

Medieval Pavilion Resources
Host of Links to Period Costuming

Kat's Closet
Adorable Kelly Designs

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